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About us

About Company

Zahra Ajman Co. is one of the few companies that are fully operational in Iraq today. It is also one of the first companies to have settled in this high potential market.
Three years after its first selling operation, Zahra Ajman has completed its expansion throughout the regions to cover the entire Iraqi market.
Since its inception in March 2009, Zahra Ajman has gained a solid reputation based on its professionalism and the positive changes it has generated in the market.
We have been in importing products include machinery, electrical generators and its spare parts from its original manufactures, electrical cables for high and low tension, in addition a heavy equipments, engines, cars, trucks with its spare parts.
Zahra Ajman is committed on ensuring only quality of its products and also to protect the end users and gaining their loyalty and trust.
Where our company working inside Iraq, having dealing with Iraqi Ministries and foreign companies, and we bring our accumulated experiences, best experiments, practices and tools to fulfill our customers’ needs and requirements.
There is in our company a specialized and skillful engineers, and technicians at the scopes of machinery and electrical generators for electrical stations, cars and trucks with all required spare parts.
The high financial ability of our company in commercial dealing, make the categorization for the company of excellent grade.